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I have a small app that I started to work on and I’m happy to share it with the community. You can find it here: (code)

I have to say that it was straightforward to deploy the local app to the web using heroku.

PS: Congrats on the amazing news about the raised funds!


Thanks for sharing @drorata, glad you were able to deploy to Heroku without any issues?

I tried out the app for other tickers, but I got an error:

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Is F a valid ticker? I do have to handle errors in a nicer way.

F is Ford Motor Company

Thanks for the pointer. I found the bug - it is now working.

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Hey @drorata, this is great!

Quick question: have you considered using st.sidebar.date_picker for the two date fields in the sidebar?

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@thiago Thanks for the pointer. Done :slight_smile: