Am have difficulties in using streamlit

hello everybody i am having trouble using streamlit just after installing it. Please help me deal with this problem, i will really appreciate it.

i dont know what the problem.

Can you try pip install --upgrade protobuf?

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Yeah randy is right, pip install --upgrade protobuf should work.

hello again, thank you so much for helping me resolve the problem. i really appreciate what a great community this is but now i have encountered yet
another error am using zorin16 OS on an hp laptop with AMD vision

I’m not familiar with zorin OS, but this looks like a case where the installer might have installed the wrong version of the code for your CPU/OS. How did you install Streamlit?

i used this command pip install streamlit that’s how i installed streamlit. So is there any streamlit for zorin OS

It looks like Zorin is effectively an Ubuntu distro, so it should work. Are you using 32-bit or 64-bit Python? Newer versions of Streamlit only work on 64-bit, as they require Apache Arrow (which is 64-bit only).