Setting Up Streamlit on Raspberry causing various Errors

Hey there everyone!

After being a great fan of streamlit for a good time now and having loads of fun with it in desktop enviroments, I’m currently trying to deploy an app on a Raspberry Pi (Idea is to have the raspberry collect data 24/7 and use Streamlit within the LAN to see the data-status whilst collecting)

Unfortunately I’ve run into a ton of issues with using Streamlit. A few are described here:

  • Using PIP with Python 3.9 with the try of installing the newest version results in a PEP Error.
  • Using PIP with Python 3.8.4 with the try of installing the newest version results in a PEP Error
    The only Streamlit version i’ve been able to install is V0.62.0 (a version mentioned in older Raspberry PI forum entries.)

Are there any colleagues here, who have successfully launched streamlit on a raspberry pi and are able to share some experience on the process?

Thanks a lot!

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  • Which Raspberry?
  • Which OS?
  • 32 or 64bit OS?

Hi Franky,

thanks for asking. Failed to specify.

  • Raspberry Pi 3 B+
  • Newest Rasbian 32bit - Lite version

I think the problem is the 32bit OS.
Streamlit has some dependencies, among others pyarrow, which only runs on 64bit OS.
Therefore i would try Raspbian Lite 64bit which should run on your raspberry.

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Thats a great tip! I’ll check that out and report my results later.