An AI-based productivity suite powered by Streamlit

Hi all,

Over the span of the last year and a half, I’ve been exploring the niche of AI-based tools for thought, building what I now call the “thoughtware stack”. Streamlit has been a godsend in combining modern NLP models and pipelines with friendly UI, helping me advance my independent research at a crazy iteration rate. Here’s a list of the Streamlit-enabled tools from the suite:


A nutritional label for food for thought


A pipeline for making highlighted text stand-alone


An instrument for quantifying, understanding, and optimizing your thinking

And a plug for a previous tool which some of the above depend on, despite not being Streamlit-based:


A fluid medium for storing, relating, and surfacing thoughts


@paulbricman Fascinating thoughtware stack and very interesting blog site. Thanks for sharing.

What a fabulous set of apps!

Thanks for sharing with us @paulbricman :pray:


Thanks for the kind words, @asehmi and @Charly_Wargnier!