Feedback on Streamlit App

Hello everyone,

I have created a Streamlit application called Wordlit ( and would appreciate your feedback.

This tool uses NLP to generate a knowledge graph from the text you provide.

Key Features

  • Entity Extraction: Leverages spaCy’s NLP capabilities to identify entities in the text.
  • Knowledge Graph Construction: Builds a graph using NetworkX, linking entities based on their relationships.
  • Interactive Visualization: Utilizes Plotly and Streamlit for dynamic graph visualization.
  • Customizable Graph Parameters: Offers options to adjust layout spacing, color scheme, node size, and more.
  • Graph Analytics: Provides statistics like node and edge counts, graph density and centrality measures.
  • Text Analytics: Calculates various text statistics such as token counts, sentence lengths, and unique tokens.

The application is research in nature and is non-profit.

Any suggestions on improvements are welcome :slight_smile: Thank you!

Kind Regards,
Sahir Maharaj
Data Scientist | AI Engineer

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Hi! It seems that app stopped working?


Hi TomJohn, thank you. I have restarted it :slight_smile:

Keen to hear your feedback!


It seems that I managed to break it again? I tried to upload 3mb pdf file :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback TomJohn :slight_smile:

I dropped in a 9mb PDF and get a result.

Can you maybe try again please (maybe clearing cache might help?).

Thanks so much!


I like the layout and how easy it is to drop or copy text into it. The chart is hard to read with the default colors… I cannot read the node label because the node outline blocks a lot out. When I use the dark mode of streamlit the label colors are also hard to read.

I like how you have the additional analytics in a optional expansion box… feels like a cleaner UI and I can focus on the cool chart first.

Great job!


Thanks for this feedback @shawngiese.

I will add these suggestions to the next update in Phase 2 :slight_smile:

Appreciate you taking the time to test it - Happy Sunday!


Unfortunately, it is not working again :frowning:



Thanks for this feedback @karelin

I have restarted and all is in order. Can you please try again?

Thanks so much!


something new, cool and great functionality! i love that i can customize the look and feel of the graph.

also really like the url feature!

p.s. a small suggestion - would like to see a larger model and how it performs in depth generation of the graph.

excellent work :slight_smile:


amazing app. i like the customizations and url feature to generate a graph!


Now it works, thank you.

You’ve created an amazing app, congrats!!
If you don’t mind, I can share a couple of ideas for future development:

  1. Perhaps in addition to color palette, you may add options for graph layout
  2. The nodes of the graph can have different sizes, for more frequent entities
  3. Consider adding interactivity to the graph: selection of a node may show the text pieces with this and other entities
  4. As another interactivity option, you may provide the list of entities, to highlight some term in the graph.
  5. While fetching the internet pages, the project could use the library like newspaper to remove the menus and other non-informative parts.
  6. Last but hot least, you project may contain one or two pre-processed samples demonstrating all glory of the idea :wink:

Thank you again for interesting project!


Been playing around it with it in the past few days - VERY COOL!! :star_struck:

Using this as a reference in my thesis for NLP.

Excited to see how this evolves!

~ Alex

P.S. Found your project on LinkedIn :star2:


Super Sahir Maharaj :clap:

Simple. Intuitive. Customizable.

Any chances of hooking this up to an LLM? :exploding_head: :rocket:

Excel data source input would also be an awesome feature. Followed your profiles and newsletter for updates.

Side note - You available for hire?

I have an app that needs to be built and think you’re a great fit.

emailed you the details :wink: - Thanx!


Hi @alex12 Thank you for your feedback and appreciate you taking the time to explore it!

New features are dropping soon so stay tuned :slight_smile:

Have a wonderful week further!

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Thank you @ChangQiang!

Appreciate your kind words.

I have a long list of features in the pipeline for phase 2 which is releasing over the next few weeks :smile:

Responded to your mail.

Have a fantastic day! :sunny:

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