Feedback on Streamlit App

Hello everyone,

I have created a Streamlit application called Wordlit ( and would appreciate your feedback.

This tool uses NLP to generate a knowledge graph from the text you provide.

Key Features

  • Entity Extraction: Leverages spaCy’s NLP capabilities to identify entities in the text.
  • Knowledge Graph Construction: Builds a graph using NetworkX, linking entities based on their relationships.
  • Interactive Visualization: Utilizes Plotly and Streamlit for dynamic graph visualization.
  • Customizable Graph Parameters: Offers options to adjust layout spacing, color scheme, node size, and more.
  • Graph Analytics: Provides statistics like node and edge counts, graph density and centrality measures.
  • Text Analytics: Calculates various text statistics such as token counts, sentence lengths, and unique tokens.

The application is research in nature and is non-profit.

Any suggestions on improvements are welcome :slight_smile: Thank you!

Kind Regards,
Sahir Maharaj
Data Scientist | AI Engineer

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Hi! It seems that app stopped working?

Hi TomJohn, thank you. I have restarted it :slight_smile:

Keen to hear your feedback!


It seems that I managed to break it again? I tried to upload 3mb pdf file :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback TomJohn :slight_smile:

I dropped in a 9mb PDF and get a result.

Can you maybe try again please (maybe clearing cache might help?).

Thanks so much!


I like the layout and how easy it is to drop or copy text into it. The chart is hard to read with the default colors… I cannot read the node label because the node outline blocks a lot out. When I use the dark mode of streamlit the label colors are also hard to read.

I like how you have the additional analytics in a optional expansion box… feels like a cleaner UI and I can focus on the cool chart first.

Great job!

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Thanks for this feedback @shawngiese.

I will add these suggestions to the next update in Phase 2 :slight_smile:

Appreciate you taking the time to test it - Happy Sunday!

Unfortunately, it is not working again :frowning:



Thanks for this feedback @karelin

I have restarted and all is in order. Can you please try again?

Thanks so much!

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something new, cool and great functionality! i love that i can customize the look and feel of the graph.

also really like the url feature!

p.s. a small suggestion - would like to see a larger model and how it performs in depth generation of the graph.

excellent work :slight_smile:

amazing app. i like the customizations and url feature to generate a graph!