An app the generates images from text!

You just input a word, press the checkbox, then voila, an image!

welcome to streamlit community.
your app is wonderful.
may I know the search result is come from where?
and result is be limited into art field, do you have special settings in the code?
the search technology is based on common web search or AI?
how did you make columns change?
can you share your code, I want to learn it, thank you very much.

Hi, thank you so much!

Absolutely, it is:

I only used a CSV which contains all u of chicago’s art.

The search function is coming from UC Berkeley’s datascience module, just “pip install datascience”, you can find more documentation here:

However, I did look into machine learning and AI. I highly recommend this site:

They have more modules there, it’s kinda hard to install though.

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