Simple machine learning app

Hello people, last week I started to learn streamlit and built a basic app.
Here it is:-

Waiting for your reviews.


Hey @Arudhra_Narasimhan,

Well done! and congrats on your first app and deploying it! Did you know we have our own Sharing platform you can deploy from for free too? (its one click!) You can get on the waitlist for an invite here:

Also, I noticed that you’re link when you click it brings me to a dead end. When you use the link button it will bring up a UI that you can copy paste the link you want to go to (and it shows you what text will be displayed).

Otherwise, I thin your app is great! You should expand it with some visuals! maybe a plot or a confusion matrix!

Happy Streamlit-ing!

Thank you mam for the feedback, will look into it and try to deploy it in streamlit sharing with some enhanced plots.

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