An equivalent to ipywidget's interact_manual()?

Sorry, I am having trouble searching the Streamlit’s GitHub issues log. Could someone point me to the GitHub issue(s) (feature enhancement) that is basically the equivalent to ipywidget’s interact_manual() mechanism? I know being able to execute certain widgets on demand instead of on page load is something that is probably badly needed and therefore already requested. I want to subscribe to the related GitHub issue(s). Thanks in advance!


Hi @pybokeh,

The answer is that we don’t have a feature request that closely matches what you’re describing, although we have a few conversations that sort of tangentially dance around that behavior. (I’m as surprised as you are.)

I’ll go ahead and file this as a feature request, referencing the issues I have found that are at least partially related.

Thanks for the request!

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Thank you for doing this! Yes, I see what appears to be related discussions about this, but has been difficult for me to discern which issues are related at GitHub. I think those with ipywidgets familiarity or background are probably wondering the same.