Issues with text_input widget


  • Issue 1: “Press Enter to Submit” Confusion

    • Description: When users change widgets within forms, a “Press Enter to Submit” message is displayed. This message can be misleading, as the code under the “Submit Form” button doesn’t execute unless the user explicitly triggers it.
    • Request: Improve this behavior to enhance the user experience.
  • Issue 2: Automatic Widget Clearing Option

    • Description: There’s a need for an option to automatically clear widgets after user input. Currently, a workaround is used to address this issue.
    • Request: Implement a native feature to enhance the user experience.
  • Issue 3: Widget Input Delay

    • Description: There’s a noticeable delay of 1-2 seconds after clicking a widget before users can start typing input. This delay is time-consuming and not user-friendly.
    • Request: Address and improve this delay, or suggest alternative workarounds if available.

Please consider these issues for enhancement. We kindly request the Streamlit development team’s attention and assistance to improve the user experience.

I have created a request, please vote if you find this useful to you

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Hi @LP99

Thanks for taking the time for the suggestions, greatly appreciate it!

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