Any best practices / suggestions for remote logging?

Looking for a way to track API call time and errors remotely. Any suggestions or examples anywhere would be most welcome. I’m not making money on this so I do not want to be paying for an external service (I guess I could make something to receive from logger as an AWS Lambda but if there was something already running I could skip a lot of testing : )

I tried but it was causing too much delay.

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Hi @shawngiese,

Thanks for posting!

Very interesting topic for sure. Maybe use something like SendGrid (100 email/day) to send log notifications to your email; assuming there won’t be heavy traffic.

Let us know if you find other great solutions for this.

Happy Streamlit-ing! :balloon:

Hi @tonykip. For now I am using the Python logging library to log to my local test console. Then I will try some different log services to see what I can get from them (like If none of those work the way I want I will try using the Python logging handlers to send to a more generic remote endpoint (like remote syslog or HTTP endpoint).

I want some sort of observability to see the responsiveness of the API I am using and to catch errors.

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