Any free ChatGPT alternatives that work fast without GPUs?

I’m looking for alternatives to OpenAI’s API to answer questions and do other stuff (For now, I need it to be able to generate stories), and to Stability.AI’s API to access Dreamstudio.

I’ve tried Hugging Face Transformers and Diffusers, and they work well locally when I use GPUs, but they are annoying slow when I deployed them.
Does anyone know of any such alternatives? By now, I’ve almost given up on finding one that’s free and works without GPUs, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

check this repository: GitHub - IntelligenzaArtificiale/hugchat-with-plugin-Free-personal-AI-Assistant: Would you like to use GPT4 with Plugins but don't want to pay $20/month? This is the solution! With this repository you can have free clone of ChatGPT with plugin

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