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In the vast realm of Artificial Intelligence, accessibility and sharing are pivotal. Our mission is to democratize AI by providing accessible tools to create, share, and monetize AI assistants.

Check video demo →

Project Description

Welcome to a revolutionary ecosystem enabling the development of OpenAI-based assistants. Our SUITE offers versatility and an intuitive interface. We facilitate data retrieval and empower users to integrate custom functions, enhancing the development experience.

How to Use


To utilize this project locally:

  1. Clone the repository onto your machine.
  2. Install the necessary requirements. pip3 install -r requirments.txt
  3. Initiate the local server. streamlit run


Experience our online interface here.


  • Implement code interpreter
  • Integrate custom functions

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wow this is insane …

guys dont make this logic opensource !! NOW evryone now can replace your project and create their GPTs Marketplace .

WRITE ME in private for special offer ! Fast…


I think this webapp deserves to be tried, finally it is possible to share GPTs via a simple file, CONGRATULATIONS. I’ll tag some people who I’m sure will like the idea.

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This is a killer app until Openai decides to implement the Assistant sharing feature :wink:

However, very intuitive and simple, the idea of the marketplace is interesting. I created an assistant and sent it to my colleague, it works perfectly.


I don’t think Openai wants to share assistants so easily without monetizing… this solution seems fantastic

I’ll try it right away…


To share the assistant I just have to send the “.iaitaliaBotConfig” configuration file to whoever I want to share it with, right?

And should I tell whoever I’m sending it to put their Openai Key and upload the file in the “Import assistant” section?

If it’s that easy, in my opinion OpenAI either makes you a commercial proposal or copies your idea…


yes u need only to send the configfile and your friend need only to paste it and his key.

The file is like this :

I suggest to start sell this congifile to Gumroad with a video tutorial


very good joob guys


Thanks for sharing.
Quick question: you mention “Selling” assistants. How does that work? Didn’t see it in the demo video.
Or am I missing something?

hi @gerriesmits Thank you for your question and your interest in the project.

This project, as you can see from the demo video, allows you to easily create openAi Assistants and save them with a configuration created by us “.iaItaliaBotConfig”.

Once you have created your Assistant and downloaded your “.iaitaliaBotConfig” configuration file, simply send that file to whoever you want to share and sell it to give them the opportunity to replicate it identically within their openAI account.

At the moment a marketplace for these assistant setup files has not yet been implemented in the Demo, but we are working on it.

As @LucaRayafop also suggested, at the moment a good idea is to create specialized and sector-specific assistants and to sell the configuration file as a digital product on sites like gumroad. Naturally attaching a small pdf or video that explains how to import the assistants.

Or another idea could be to create several Assistants specialized in different areas of a business and sell these bundles.

Once the customer has inserted his openai key and imported the “IaitaliaBotConfig” file he will be able to use the assistants either through our interface, or directly in his openai playground.

I see. Very interesting, Allesandro.
We’re actually working on something that could maybe help. And we’d love to have your input.
Would it be possible to jump on a call tomorrow (or Friday)?

@gerriesmits @beta_tester please write me on so we organize meetings to get to know each other and understand how to collaborate :heart:

this is so cool! such a smart idea


Thanks for the support :hugs: :heart:

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