Any news how to get user clicks on chart?

I have asked in the past and trying again.
Any way to know (x,y) of user clicks on charts?
Any callback or some way to catch it? I use plotly_chart.
plotly_events is not working as expected and I understand
not supported by streamlit.

I am using annotation with “clicktoshow=onoff” so uaer can
click and comment on/off according to click. So there is a callback
somewhere behind it. Anyone know where is this callback
in streamlit code so maybe I could use it to catch uaer clicking
on chart?

Maybe a way to know which annotations is on and which is off?
So will know where user has clicked?

This is a real issue as we do want to catch clicks of user on
the chart.

Hi @Michel39

This feature is not yet supported in Streamlit, please refer to this post for details:

And this for a prototype by our Product Manager @jrieke

Any idea around when will it be released?
Will it be also fo line charts?
As I saw in your link not all charts will have callback.

Any way you csn point me where is your callback function for annotations? As currently in onoff mode you can click and it shows/disappears.

Chanin Nantasenamat via Streamlit ‏<>:

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