Any way to group together inputs horizontally?

Is there some easy way to group 3 inputs together horizontally? I’m managing it with 3 st.columns but I since can’t put a column inside another column, this limits what I do with the layout. I’m making N set of 3 inputs with a for loop.

I want something like Dash bootstrap dbc.InputGroup so I can say “these 3 inputs are together”

hi @Marcos_Huerta
you could use columns and the expander for this:

    with cols[0]:
        a = st.text_input('name')
    with cols[1]:
        a = st.text_input('Year')
    with cols[2]:
        a = st.text_input('other field')```

not exactly the same but hopefully close enough. Otherwise there are always the react components, but this will be much more work.


+1 Very good question. I was facing the same problem and didn’t find a solution, so I somehow worked around it.
I read somewhere on Github that the streamlit team is actually working on providing more support for different layouts beyond simply splitting the app into columns. Maybe some if the streamlit developers can provide some insights.


(+ some more)