App deployment is failing by never loading a page

Hi all,

I am a newbee so might be an obvious fix. My app is currently working fine locally, and the deployment was working yesterday. As of now though I am getting a loading screen that never loads, it very quickly oscillates between the spinning wheel of death and a blank page (about 1 second each). It’s like there are repeated calls to generate the app but nothing ‘sticks’. I have attached some photos of what I am seeing as I don’t have much more to go on.


Hi @Jason-AM, welcome to the Streamlit community!

Can you post the code or a GitHub repo that demonstrates this behavior?


Hi Randy,

Thanks for responding. So it turns out that this is only affecting me on my safari browser on my laptop. When on firefox it works fine and when I use my mobile phone (which actually also uses Safari) it also works fine.

I doubt its the code but rather some interference from Safari? For what its worth you can see the repo here: GitHub - Jason-AM/arxiv-updates