App Deployment - which way is better?

I want to deploy an app which I have developed in streamlit. Its for an organization who can see their total sales and revenue according to certain parameters (geographical locations, etc.). They donโ€™t want their data to be uploaded in streamlit share cloud (i donโ€™t know how it works). So I am thinking to make an exe file out of the app. Can anyone suggest me what will be the best way to do this?

Hey @Sujith_Pisharody,

Thanks for sharing your question. There are quite a few threads on this in the forum โ€“ have you tried searching through some of the existing threads? For example:

Getting this error when using stlite

Hi Caroline,

I have solved the issue by opting for pyinstaller and it works flawlessly now. Thanks for sharing those articles.

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can you share how it worked?

You can use this

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