Creating Deployable Exe Without Streamlit Sharing

Hi everyone,

I am aware of a nice post about sharing streamlit app with an executable after sharing it on streamlit sharing. However, I would like to develop too many small apps without a cost, so for me the best choice seems offline exe sharing.

Is there a way to deploy the Streamlit to users without any Python experience and installation with a simple exe? Did anybody need that?

Hello @Berk_Demir

This is one of the most discussed topics in the community, and unfortunately I have yet to have a clear best practice on this since Python packages for packaging are moving fast.

You can check those two topics which I know get updated regularly with new tech:

Hope it gets you started!

Thank you! Second one is the first post I have read about Streamlit, without even starting to creat my own app. These posts were 1 year apart, so it is 2021 post, lets see if anyone has an easy, innovative way.