App deployment

Hi guys I have a problem with theming my application I want to deploy in a particular theme but It just gets deployed with the default white theme any one can help me I have already set up .streamlit folder within which I have added config.toml and copy the themes there but it did not make any difference please help me as I deployed the the app but it’s in a white theme which is not appropriate for my application setup
Thanks in advance

Hi @Mohammed_Bahageel :wave:

Please include links to your GitHub repo and Community Cloud app.

If changes to .streamlit/config.toml are made while the app is running, the server needs to be restarted for changes to be reflected in the app. On Community Cloud, reboot the app.

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Yes I have made the changes but once I deployed the app it turns into the default setting theme to white

Once I finish my deployment I will send you my GitHub repo link

How to restart the server bro ? Help me

If you’re running the app locally, kill the Python process (Ctrl + C or the equivalent)

For Community Cloud, please read our documentation:

I did what you told me to do but the problem remains unsolved

Hi brother my application is ready please have a look at it and give me your feedback and don’t forget to give star :star: to my GitHub repository the project is available here : GitHub - Datascientist88/stock_price_perform_app