App fails why I am running it on streamlit cloud but works fine on local, please help

Hi guys, I am super new to streamlit and started building my app only last week. I deployed my app yesterday, its a project i developed for my thesis on CO2 sequestration optimization and is still in progress.

The project works fine on my local and deploys fine, but when I am running the solve page, after clicking on the solve button, the app soon crashes with no real error in the logs. The only thing it says is ```
[14:41:17] :exclamation: The service has encountered an error while checking the health of the Streamlit app: Get β€œhttp://localhost:8501/healthz”: read tcp> read: connection reset by peer

Can anyone help look into it?
The current url for the deployment on streamlit is


Do you have any idea about the resource usage of your app? How much data is stored on the drive and how much data is held in memory while running? There is a 1GB resource limit for Streamlit Cloud, so first sanity check is that you don’t have some large model in use.