App for graphical presentation of linux sar files


I have implemented a tool for graphical representation of linux sar files.
If you are interested have a look here:

on streamlit share:

for a first glance use admin/password or create a new account and upload your own
sar file.

on github: GitHub - jschaef/sar_file_analyzer: graphical analyzis of sar files

I’d like to mention that my programming skills are more hobby like.
For most people it’s probably a bit of spaghetti code.

And I would like to thank the people for developing streamlit. It makes it easy to
create interactive web apps without having to deal with all that HTML/Java stuff.


Just some quick notes:

  • Your requirements.txt is full of packages you probably don’t need, which often causes problems. It is bad practice do generate this file on a development system by pip freeze or similar.
  • And what is tk needed for?

Thanks Franky1. How would you create the requirements.txt else?
I will remove tk. It was an attempt to solve the tkinter problem.
Thanks to your advice with packages.txt I could solve it.

I do it always manually.
You know all the 3rd party libraries, that you are using in your code.
Everything else is resolved by the pip paket manager.

Other possibility would be to work in a virtual environment and only install the required libs in this environment and than use pip freeze.
However, even if i work in a virtual environment during development, i still write requirements.txt manually.

Okay - thanks for the hint.

I will rework the file. Makes a lot of sense.
I never did know why e.g. jupyter notebook was needed.

7 packages are seeming enough in requirements.txt :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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