App in Cloud sometimes goes blank after entering text in st.text_input


in my app running in the Cloud, sometimes after hitting enter in st.text_input, the app goes completely blank. However, sometimes it works as it should. The code is the same and I tried inputting the same text (see video screenshots below).

Desired behavior (after hitting enter, either “Correct” + audio file or “Incorrect” text appears, based on whether the answer to a quiz question was correct or no):

Undesired, error behavior (after hitting enter, the whole app goes blank):

As the code sometimes works and sometimes does not, could this be some issue in the cloud?

How to reproduce the steps in the app online:
After opening the app, upload at least three whichever images, submit them, and after their German names are generated, go to the quiz page in the left menu bar, wait until the quiz gets generated, and then try inputting any of the “Possible answers” at the bottom to the st.text_input field in the first tab (first question).

Locating the code in the repository:
file > function display_tab_content (starts on line 9), st.text_input on line 14

This is my first time posting a debugging issue, so if you have feedback on how to write a better debugging post in the future, please share it too!

Thank you for any help!