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Can someone please help me out with why my app is failing to deploy on the streamlit website whereas it works absolutely fine on local host. It is showing http and dictionary problem, and fails to give any output on the website. Please help me out with a solution. Thankyou (my github repository of the app. ) GitHub - SejalJadhav1/Sentiment-Analysis-of-Website

I tried many solutions referred from google, don’t know where I am going wrong.

Hey @Sejal_Jadhav,

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Would you mind sharing the exact error you’re facing when deploying your app?
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Hello @arnaud ,
This is the error I get:
requests.exceptions.MissingSchema: Invalid URL ‘’: No scheme supplied. Perhaps you meant http://?

Looks like this error is not related to Streamlit then. Are you passing a correct URL?

After a quick check of your code, I think the problem is that you are passing an empty text input to the requests.get() function - and that fails. See those lines. Maybe one way to avoid that would be to add something below this line:

if fill_url is None:
    st.info("Please fill in a URL")

score = retrieve_data(fill_url)

Hey thankyou for replying promptly, but that isn’t working. Giving me the same error

Make sure to pass correct URL strings to your retrieve_data function, at least one must be failing

Yes sir, I am passing correct url.
Basically, the app only shows error when I refresh it. Other than that every time when I paste the url in the input button and submit it, it gives me an output without the error.

Rather than checking for fill_url is None (because it defaults to an empty string, not None), you could instead check for something like

url = st.text_input("Enter a URL")

if not url.startswith("http"):
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Hey thankyou so much. That helped!