App is not booting anymore


INFO: pip is looking at multiple versions of typing-extensions to determine which version is compatible with other requirements. This could take a while.

This is running for hours now and the app is not booting anymore.
What can I do now?

i really regret having relied on streamlit for development. there are always sudden problems. one day everything works perfectly and the next day nothing works at all.

Hi @roland71

Sorry to hear the frustration, to allow the community to help, could you also provide a link to the repo of your app. This will allow us to see the and requirements.txt in order to diagnose the problem.


Thanks, but the repo is private. So I canโ€™t publish it here.
The best thing will probably be to simply switch to a more stable platform. The app runs locally without any problems, but there are always problems with the cloud version.
Itโ€™s really frustrating. I have invested so many weeks of time.

Hi @roland71

If youโ€™re willing to create a minimum reproducible example with important information masked out, perhaps the community could help look into this.

As Community Cloud is a free service for sharing non-commercial apps, each app is allocated a finite resource. If the app runs initially and stops running, perhaps you can look into refactoring the code in order to optimize the app performance. The following blog provides some additional information around this:

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