App Killed - Digital Ocean Ubuntu Droplet

Checking out my /var/log/kern.log I found this beauty. My app had been working fine for past week, but now it’s starting to get killed randomly. I am getting ready to make the app available to clients, but nogo if it keeps crashing. Any input helpful.

kernel: [543151.124153] Out of memory: Killed process 68672 (streamlit) total-vm:1169184kB,

As so many of us are NOT sysadmins, but Pythonistas and Data Scientists trying to solve problems for our businesses, and impress family and friends, I thought it might be helpful to share what seems like a solution to my own problem. First, by examining the log and then running ‘htop’ while running my streamlit app I could see in real time when I put strain on the app using the Drag and Drop streamlit function, memory would hit the roof and the process would be killed. Clearly I needed to find more memory. I could have purchased more memory for my droplet, but came across instructions for setting up a swap file ( These instructions were really clear and seemed to work fine. Once swap file was up and running, I haven’t had the app Killed. Fingers crossed.


Thanks for sharing your experience @RickBL, hopefully this will keep someone else from having this issue!

One other thing to try would be upgrading Streamlit > 1.1 if you aren’t already. There were a lot of memory fixes we’ve made lately, which should also relieve RAM pressure.