App stuck in "Please Wait" message

I’m tring to deploy a dummy app (hello world style app), in the new sharing environment but the app isn’t loading and waits on “please wait” message.
This is the app

Hi @pipers! I just checked and the app is still stuck on the same screen :frowning: Thanks for letting us know! We’re looking into it and will have an update soon.

Hi @pipers! While investigating this issue I noticed your app is using a very old version of Streamlit. Could you please try upgrading to a more recent (ideally the latest) version? It will be sufficient to update the version in the requirements.txt - your existing app deployment should pick up the version update automatically.

Great! I just realized that the requirement file was created under a different virtual enviroment, thank you very much!

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It worked! Thank you very much @amey-st

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Great to hear!