Streamlit Cloud: app stuck on "Please wait..."

I was hosting my app on Streamlit Cloud without issues, but then I changed the repo name, so I deleted the app and set it up again but now it’s stuck on the “Please wait…” message.

I’ve tried deleting and re-booting the app but to no avail, I also added Streamlit to my requirements (no specific version) to see if that might help, but no. Can someone help me get it working again?

I’m also stuck on “Please wait…” and “Your app is in the oven” :disappointed_relieved:
Please solve the problem.

I didn’t change anything but now my app is working

There was a bit of a hiccup last night, which I’m told is resolved by our engineers. Since this is resolved, I’ll mark it answered for now, but if this happens again please (continue) to let us know!


Can you link your app and the repo you use to host it?