App stuck "in the oven" all day (maybe since last night?)

I’m running a private streamlit dashboard - it’s been up and running for some months without any issues, and the last code change I made to the app itself was 3 weeks ago - again no issues from then.

This morning when I booted up (my home PC - start of work day) and checked on the dashboard it’s now stuck in the startup process (Provisioning machine, preparing system, spinning up manager process)

It’s been like this all day, and several app reboots have done nothing, other than get stuck in this state.

Im unsure what has changed to cause this, as it was working yesterday when I last checked in on it

Im not seeing any other posts on this so it doesnt seem to be widespread, though I remember something similar happening a few months back for private dashboards - could this be a similar thing?

Hi @Cespar,

Thanks for posting!

Can you share the logs so we can see where it got stuck at?

One way could also be to delete the app and re-deploy it again.

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The logs literally are:

[     UTC     ] Logs for
[11:37:24] 🖥 Provisioning machine...
[11:37:24] 🎛 Preparing system...
[11:37:24] ⛓ Spinning up manager process...

I was considering delete/redo - but means reinviting users etc…

I was just hoping that this was an issue on streamlit side somewhere that hadnt been raised yet

Thank you for the logs. Is your app public? If yes, could you share the link so I can look into this further?

It’s a private dashboard (private repo on github) - no code changes for 3 weeks so nothing should have changed between yesterday afternoon/evening and this morning.

My requirements.txt is very simple too:

Is there any oddities there that could use a quick update?

Ah, it is due to the version of Streamlit you’re running. Streamlit 1.8.1 is old; Mar. 24, 2022. Update your version to a newer version like 1.28.2. Let me know if that resolves the issue.

alas not so simple as that. I’ve committed the updated requirements txt and rebooted, and it still doesn’t progress past “spinning up manager process”

I went ahead and deleted the app and re-deployed and it’s working now.

Not exactly the most convenient “fix” - it would be nice to understand why it suddenly died over night, and why no amount of rebooting seemed to spin it back up.

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Thanks for the update.

Thank you for detailing this. Let us know if you run into this issue again.

I am experiencing issue here. These are the logs
[21:09:37] :desktop_computer: Provisioning machine…
[21:09:52] :control_knobs: Preparing system…
[21:09:58] :chains: Spinning up manager process…
[21:10:03] :balloon: Inflating balloons…

It would get stuck and later stopped with this error message : Error installing requirements.

My requirements.txt

Any suggestions ?

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