App that connects to the Google Search Console API and retrieves charts and tables

I’ve created a Streamlit web application to connect with the Google Search Console API and retrieve data in charts and tables.

The app allows you to connect to your Search Console, retrieve up to 300,000 lines of data for your websites, apply filters based on keywords or URLs, and view a line chart with the metrics. Additionally, you can filter this data on another tab and export all of it to an Excel file.

This project was a significant learning experience for me, involving session states, OAuth connectors, using Google Cloud APIs, GitHub commits, and many other skills I acquired along the way.

I’m aware that there is another excellent Search Console connector created by Charly Wargnier. However, I wanted to provide charts and a different approach to table filters.

You can check the code and the demo for the app at the following links:

Code: GitHub Link

Demo: App Link

Special thanks to:

Charly Wargnier for the inspiration on your Search Console Connector.

Liunux and andfanilo for the beautiful e-charts Python package.

And Tyler Richards, for the amazing Dataframe Filter UI.


Thanks for sharing @ViniciusStanula, it’s great to see how you’ve integrated several additional features from various existing apps and consolidated those into a single app.

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