Apply 2 styles

How do I apply 2 styles to a dataframe?
t = st.empty()
t.dataframe(, axis=None) , width=1024, height=768 )

works and so does

t = st.empty()
t.dataframe([‘open’], formatter="{:.2f}"))

How do I apply both? This doesnt work:
t = st.empty(), axis=None)
t.dataframe([‘open’], formatter="{:.2f}"))

neither does:
t = st.empty()[‘open’], formatter="{:.2f}")
t.dataframe(, axis=None) )

t = st.empty()[‘open’], formatter="{:.2f}"), axis=None)
t.dataframe(df )

What is this style object? Why doe you need to run it inside st.dataframe() ? How can you then run multiple styles?