Applying a "lock" button to a number_input?

How can I assign a checkbox which has the behaviour of toggling enable/disabling another widget, in this case a number input?

param = st.number_input(
    "Assign your parameter",

param_lock = st.checkbox(
    "Click to lock",

Is it possible to add an on_change arg to the button which then alters the number_input to disabled=True?

Or can anyone think of a work-around which might do this?

Here’s the simplest example I could think of:

import streamlit as st

# Store the value in session state (st.session_state.disable)
st.checkbox("Disable", value=False, key="disable")

num = st.number_input("Enter a number", disabled=st.session_state.disable)


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Thanks, that is perfect… overlooked that I could assign a value to the button! :slight_smile:

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