Ask Your Data App (GPT-powered)

Hey All! Glad to share an app that came out of the experiments with GPT API and Streamlit. The app allows a user to upload data in csv and use natural language to ask questions about the data and even create visualizations. In the backend, the app calls an openai API to construct a SQL query or a Python code based on the user’s input. The app is rather simple and experimental, any feedback is much appreciated :slight_smile:

See short description and demo gifs below:
A web app that allows to interact with user-uploaded data in .csv.

  • Ask questions about your data, such as “what was the total sales in the US in 2022?”
  • Visualize data from your csv file using natural language. For example, “plot total sales by country and product category”

Upload a csv file with data:

Write a question to your data:

Create a visualization:

App’s URL:
Github: GitHub - arsentievalex/ask-your-data-gpt: The web app that allows to interact with user-uploaded data in .csv.


Love this app! Thanks for sharing the app (and your GPT tokens!). :100:


What an awesome app @Oleksandr_Arsentiev! :fire:

I presented it to the team today and they all loved it! :smiling_face:


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awesome, that’s so great to hear!


thanks! luckily gpt 3.5 turbo is cheap and I’m still using the credits :slight_smile:

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App seems to be broken on mobile

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