Attempt to create a Drop Down Menu to avoid too many filters

Hi all, my issue is quite simple. I have in my Web App a sidebar which contains various multiselects and checkboxes in order to represent my product hierarchy. It is fully functional but quite long and counter intuitive for users so I would like to simplify my sidebar and replace it by a drop down menu that will allow me to do the same thing. I haven’t found any Streamlit ressources in order to do that, does anyone have an idea on the matter ? Thanks

Hi @Ishmael,

Thanks for sharing your question! If I understand correctly, you’re looking for a dropdown menu that can also feature checkboxes to enable the user to select a group of options (e.g. all channels or all customer groups)?

Unfortunately, st.multiselect doesn’t have this functionality, and I’m not aware of a custom component for this. However, there is a GitHub Issue open for this functionality – I’d recommend upvoting it and adding your thoughts if this feature is important to you so our team can prioritize accordingly.

I could also definitely see this as a custom component; if you have any interest in exploring that route, check out our doc on building components as well as the dedicated section of the forum!

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