Multiselect dropdown autohide/ use of checkbox inside multiselect

I am using multiselect as a filter, but when selecting multiple options the height of multiselect is keep on increasing, which dragging the whole page down and creating a gap b/w next container, can somehow we solve this, lets say using checkbox inside multiselect and only when user click on the multiselect dropdown only then he/she can see the selected options. here are some screenshots to make understand my issue better

initial screen

after selecting multiple options

and if this solution can be achieved, this is a screenshot of figma, where it auto hides

any alternative solution also be helpful, i am new to streamlit, so can also happen that i am missing any easy solution. Thank you.

Hi @soumyajit.das , I don’t think that option is available right now. An alternative would be:

  1. Let the multiselect be on its own line - that way, the push down will be less
  2. Below the multiselect, add columns for all your other parameters. (Category, start date…)


Thank you Shawn for your quick reply, appreciated it.