AttributeError: module 'streamlit' has no attribute 'container'

when I try to deploy the app …I got this error…but it worked fine in pycharm.
can anyone help me out?
github repo link:

Hi @AkhilaAthinarapu1003 :wave:

st.container was introduced in Streamlit v0.86.0. It seems (your repo is private so not certain) you have installed a much older version in your requirements file.

Please upgrade to the latest version of Streamlit to use newer features. E.g. pin the latest version in your requirements file streamlit==1.10.0

Actually i have installed streamlit 1.10.0 version only… Once check my repo i made it as public now

Perhaps locally, but not on Streamlit Cloud.


The logs to the right indicate an older version is installed. It would be easier to debug if the repo was public and we could take a look at the requirements file.

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Line 4 of your requirements.txt contains streamlit==0.81.1.

Replace that with streamlit==1.10.0. :smiley:

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