Awesome Streamlit Test Runner now available via package and in Gallery


I’ve added the Awesome Streamlit Test Runner to the awesome-streamlit package on PyPi.

You can now also see the Test Runner in action in the Gallery at

Study the output of running all 63 test files as shown below. It’s pretty awesome. Normally if you have so much content in a page it becomes very slow. But not for Streamlit.

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Hey @Marc

Sorry for the late feedback on this one, but I’ve been playing around with this and it’s absolutely amazing.

On a separate note, I use your gallery to cross reference and make sure I’m not missing any Streamlit use cases that people make and share :sweat_smile:. Really thankful that you’ve been putting all of this together :heart:.

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Thanks @tc1

I use the gallery in the same way. There is a lot I can learn from all the good examples.


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