Awesome-streamlit resources and gallery

Hi all

Inspired by and i’ve created

Since Streamlit is so easy to use i’ve created a Streamlit app as well

PLEASE NOTE that its running on low performance infrastructure and might have a low performance or downtime until I learn how to manage this (Helpfull suggestions are welcome :-))

It contains functionality to find awesome Streamlit resources

and a gallery of awesome Streamlit apps (2 for now :-))

It’s an open source contribution by and for the community. I hope it’s well received by all. I believe there should be a lot of inspiration in the repo on how to setup and structure multipage apps, build in docker, deploy to azure etc.

For now you can find it at or an “insecure” version at I’m struggling at bit with a security certificate but when that is done the site will be available at

The source is available on GitHub

Setting this up has required a bit of work. But 2/3 or more of the work was the CI/ CD and hosting part. Ugh. :slight_smile: Streamlit is easy to use and awesome!

I’ve built this because I think Streamlit is the Iphone of Data Science Apps and more. It’s important.

I also wanted a bit of experience maintaining an open source project and learning from all the hopefull positive hints and suggestions. Maybe I could even make some new friends. I’m looking forward to that.

Feel free to reach out if you have questions or comments. You can contact me via


Keys words: Awesome Streamlit Gallery Docker CI/CD Azure Multipage Multi-page Apps Open Source


This is truly amazing!!! Looking forward to trying out all the awesome apps you add there :smiley:


And I fixed the security certificate issue so it’s now running at

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Love the love! Thank you Marc!

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Just for the interested the application at and becomes unresponsive over time. When I redeploy its great again.

I’m trying to find out what goes wrong. You can follow my investigation here.

Incredible. Could you please post an article how to deploy Streamlit in a public domain like how you did. I have couple usecases, I would like to create a web app. Thanks!

Hi @QAInsights

I have seen your request. I would really like to do it and hopefully I will one day. But right now it’s below a lot of other things on my todo list.

But there are some references in the references list of resources. You can filter by deployment

Hope that helps.

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