AxiosError: timeout exceeded

When I try to upload a PDF file using the file_uploader, I get the AxiosError: timeout exceeded. file_uploader works well with CSV files

Link to the public deployed app:

Link to your app’s public GitHub repository: GitHub - suniltadepalli/rareai: A Chat-GPT like app using an assistant trained to answer questions on rare diseases

Full text of the error message: AxiosError: timeout exceeded

Streamlit version - 1.29
Python version - 3.12

Same error with previous versions of Python & Streamlit

Hi @suniltadepalli

This seems similar to a prior post, could you try the solution mentioned in this sub-post:

In a nutshell, this entails using:

enableXsrfProtection = false

in app config.toml

Hope this helps!

Hi @dataprofessor,

Thank you for your fast response. I modified the config.toml file as suggested but the problem persists.

Please note that the problem occurs with multiple browsers - Chrome, Firefox & Safari.

Can I send any other information to help sort this out?

Thank you

Sunil Tadepalli

Hi @suniltadepalli

Perhaps you can see this post with code snippet on handling the uploaded PDF file

Or if the file size is too large, you can adjust the max file size as detailed here:

Hope these are helpful!