Basic ServiceNow type Task Tracker created in Streamlit

Hi all,
This is my first time writing here,
I was fascinated by Streamlit’s simple and clean UI and I had a requirement for creating a task tracker I thought if trying to use streamlit,
while I did not have much knowledge of Streamlit I used ChatGPT to help me with the code and i was able to build a simple UI which does full fill all my requirements.
I want to share the application here so that you guys can try using the application and suggest me changes and can help me make it better.
Go to this link:
signup using highlighted button

Explore the user Management to create new users,
There are currently 2 types of users, Admin and User
Admin has all the access
where as User only has access to view tasks assigned to him and update on the tasks.

You can create an Extra admin and user from the user management tab for your project.
user created in the user management tab will have a default password of “password@123”
they will be asked for a password reset on their first login.
Medium Article : Streamlining Business Operations: An Inside Look at Our Task Management System | by Abhishek | May, 2023 | Medium

Please try the application and provide me with suggestions to make this better.


Hi @Imposter_Monk

Thanks for sharing your app. I have taken a look at it and it would be nice if there is an About section on the app that briefly summarize what the app is about. Perhaps a link to your Medium article would allow users to take a deep dive on the app’s capabilities. Also providing a test username and password for users to try out the app would also be nice to have.

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