Best setup for a map animation

Hey there.

Playing around with Streamlit and discovering maps frameworks at the same time.

Currently, I have a working Streamlit app that displays a pydeck map, with layers that can be ScatterplotLayer, GeojsonLayer or HeatmapLayer.
My data is sequential (through time), how could I get an animation of my map, either a simple st.button("Play") button, or a slider to just play with input dates?

Solutions I’ve thought of:

  1. Moving to and animate a figure using their API. Actually tried, but not fan of plotly’s rendering, and struggling with their map initializations.
  2. Moving to altair as suggested in this post for a line animation.
  3. Any idea of a solution involving pydeck? Would avoid me to recode everything huhu

It seems like it’s hard to settle with one and only one map visualization framework, each one seems to have good strengths, but it is hard to make them all cooperate in one app… so not sure which one to choose.