Better tables?

Is there plans to improve the tables/data editor/dataframe?

For me, this is the main thing that stops me using streamlit more and actually makes me look for alternaties. The whole point of streamlit is that it works well with displaying data but the tables are just missing so many basic features. For example:
exporting the data as csv or excel, filtering data, searching data, pivoting data, column grouping etc… I have tried using the AgGrid component but it is full of bugs and hardly maintained.

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Hi @Oliver_Rock

Streamlit is a web framework that allows the creation of data apps and it empower users to build such tools in DIY fashion by harnessing various Python libraries.

Particularly, for displaying data, you can use the native st.dataframe or st.data_editor in combination with pandas to perform data filtering as well as with Streamlit’s input widgets such as st.slider or st.selectbox to allow users to visually select the transformation/filtering to perform. Additionally, st.column_config can also be used to apply advanced column formatting such as image display or chart displays.

Here are some blogs that you might be interested in that shows how to build data filters in your app:

If you prefer an off-the-shelf solution, there is Mito (see this blog for some great examples and demo app Data analysis with Mito: A powerful spreadsheet in Streamlit).

Hope this helps!

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