BirdsPyView - an app built for football data collection

While I was experimenting the Drawable canvas component, I posted a small video online which generated a lot of interest, so here’s a working app: BirdsPyView.

Basically, you have to draw the lines of the penalty box on the original image and then identify the players in a converted top-down view of the image.

All of these steps can be automated, of course (that’s the idea, but I make no promises).

If you want to try it out, here’s an example image you can use:

P.S: the real kind of football, you know, the type the world actually cares about :wink:


That’s really cool, thanks for sharing! It looks like Twitter really loved it as well :slight_smile:

this is a great idea!
it could be applied to other court/pitch based sports
the drawing bit must be automatable too, right?
if you could get that to work, you could apply it to video as well to extract a prozone style time series of ball and player coordinates
see this paper too:

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One of the next steps is to add a file with all the coordinates for all pitch lines. That would make it quite easy to add other sports (it’s why I didn’t include any football term in the name - hopefully this will become multisports).

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