Buttons not responding

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    All latest versions

I notice that on the deployed app, sometimes when I click the button, it shows “running” on the top right bar but nothing changes after a few seconds. I re-clicked several times, and it would work. I don’t have this issue when I am testing locally. Is it due to the limited memory of deploying on Streamlit cloud?

Which button? I clicked the register and login buttons and they worked as I was expecting.

I don’t think so, you would be seeing an error message instead of the UI of your application.

So @Goyo, I wonder, What was the solution for @liu431 problem?. I’m experiencing a similar situation when pressing a button. My button shall transfer some of my widgets inputs to a Google Sheet. But I have inconsistences. Sometimes works and sometimes it just ignores the click. I even added a verification step to make sure the google sheet was indeed updated and re-do the click process in case the data is not being transferred. But again, sometimes works, sometimes it does not.
It is worth mentioning that this never happens to me when I execute the app locally.

Any suggestions?

I just ran the application and I didn’t see anythng like what the OP says, that was all.

Suggestions for debugging your issue,

  1. If local and streamlit cloud deployment behave different, look for differences in versions of python and any packages. That may be where the problem is.
  2. Simplify your code to the bare minimum that still shows the issue. Often this process leads you to the solution.
  3. If this doesn’t work, share a link to your minimal application, so that other people can look at it.
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