Issues only when deployed

Hello all,

My app works wonderfully when I run it locally but when I deploy it on the Streamlit cloud one page(Tech skills) goes into error and the resource pages are listed in the top left corner.

Any help would be appreciated,

Hi @Hderek22, welcome to the community!

The repo link you’ve shared leads to a 404 not found page:

First and foremost…Thank you ! I appreciate you taking the time to help me out and nice to meet you! :handshake:

Thats weird because it works when I click on it.

Does this take you to my page?

It does. I think you’ve set the visibility of the Streamlit_resume repo to be private. Switching it to public should help.

That’s it thank you. I just changed it to public.

Hi @Hderek22 :wave:

I’ve submitted a pull request to fix your issue:

Streamlit recently introduced native support for multi-page apps: Multipage apps - Streamlit Docs

Streamlit looks for .py files in a pages/ folder and populates those pages in the sidebar. The issue with your app was it was hacking together MPA functionality using radio buttons and inadvertently also used the native MPA functionality (due to the folder name pages/).

The fix is to either rename the pages/ folder or do away with the MPA hack all together. My PR does the latter. It gets rid of the radio button hack and uses Streamlit’s MPA functionality: Create a multipage app - Streamlit Docs