Calling freelance data scientists

We’re looking for a data scientist with strong streamlit experience to build an app that enables us to automate and (significantly) enhance our wider ecom business operations.

We have spec’d an app that would add a ton of value to our business and is configured in a way that enables us to take public data and make it meaningful to us in our own way.

We have a brief on how the application should operate and what we are trying to achieve/our use cases. We piloted the initial idea on Shiny but are looking to now port that across to streamlit.

If you have availability now, have strong data science & streamlit experience and can cross over into the UAE timezone during any time of the day we’d love to talk to you.



Awesome. I’ve shared on my side. BTW Did you try sharing on Discord too? I think both communities complement each other nicely.

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@Adam_Abbott I’m based in India (1.5hrs time difference). Mail me at 1littlecoder at gmail dot com.

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Thanks for sharing Discord @andfanilo! I’ve now created a #jobs channel on Discord, so this would be a great place to post it as well.

Hey @Adam_Abbott
Thanks for sharing this wonderful opportunity.
Can you suggest some personal channel (email or anything) where I can share my details and resume for the same?