Can I animate a scatter plot?

Hi all,
I have data representing a bunch of points in 2D. They move in time. They’re each one of three colors, and they could change to one of the other colors over time. Is there a nice way to animate this with streamlit? Right now, I’m using matplotlib’s scatterplot, with a loop that updates the positions and colors of each point. I didn’t quite see how to do it with one of the more efficient streamlit things like Altair or Pandas, but hopefully I’m missing something obvious. I can easily store the data however would be most useful (numpy array, pandas dataframe, lots of lists, whatever).


Hi @mglerner,

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Does this example where we animate an Altair Scatterplot fit your needs?

Here’s another link where we’re animating other kinds of streamlit elements.


That first one is almost exactly what I need. Is there a way to delete the old data? I want this to end up looking like a specific number of points are moving around.

FWIW, I tried the animated line chart code and couldn’t get it to work. Streamlit did not give any errors … but I also didn’t see an animated line chart.


hey @mglerner,

You could do something like this, let me know if this works for you :slight_smile:

import streamlit as st
import altair as alt
from vega_datasets import data
import time

source =
chart = st.empty()

for i in source.index:
    data_to_be_added = source.iloc[0: i + 1, :]

    x = alt.Chart(data_to_be_added).mark_circle(size=i * 10).encode(
        tooltip=['Name', 'Origin', 'Horsepower', 'Miles_per_Gallon']



Look into plotly express, it makes certain kinds of animations trivial, and provides nice controls.