Can I Use Streamlit and Folium to filter out a specific number of data and display it?

I’m developing a web mapping application using Python Folium and I came across Streamlit and I was impressed. So I decided I will use it especially since it has an amazing design for developing a dashboard. I wanted to create a filter dashboard, and this is where I wanted to inquire if there is a way to do so. My data is about schools, I wanted to find which schools would require more financial aid than others, kind of a rank. I would like to create a filter that would display the chosen number of schools, say top 100, or 50, depending on the number selected in the filter. Also, if i can be able to create a filter to apply different weights (some columns get generated by applying weights to existing columns) and display the results. Thanks!


Hey @Steel,

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This is a pretty open-ended question, there are many ways to make a filtered dashboard in Streamlit!

do you have an MWE of code you can post to help explain how you want to filter and what you want to be displayed?

This post outlines tips and trick on how to structure your questions on our forum to give you the best chance of getting an answer:

I would suggest starting with st.form, and putting all your filtering parameters in there, that way Streamlit refreshes only after all the filter parameters have been applied.

Happy Streamlit-ing!