Can I use Streamlit within a PyCharm development environment?

I have successfully run Streamlit from the shell, eg:

streamlit run

Here Streamlit is the host application, getting the output from calls within the python script, eg:


My question: Is it possible to run Streamlit where my python script is the host?

Specifically, I would like to use Streamlit to allow me to browse through a dataframe that I have created within my python code. In essence similar to what one can do with matplotlib to plot data from within python.


Hi @miglto, welcome to the Streamlit community!

Yes, you can run Streamlit from PyCharm in the same way you can run it from VSCode, Spyder, etc. In PyCharm, there is a terminal where you can run streamlit run, and you can keep open in PyCharm as a Python script. Every time you hit save on the script, the Streamlit app will change to reflect the results.