Can i using R as a modeling data in the same repo with Python in a Streamlit app and deploy it


Hello @candika! A warm welcome to our community! :tada:

Have you had a chance to explore RPy2?

I also highly recommend watching @dataprofessor’s great tutorial on integrating R and Python in a Streamlit app:

I hope this helps!


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can u gimme examples?

I’ve just included a link to Chanin’s YouTube tutorial above :point_up:. I’m more than happy to provide more examples, should you need them - let me know :slight_smile:

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Hi @candika

As my colleague @Charly_Wargnier had pointed out, I’ve created a tutorial video showing how to use R in a Streamlit app.

Please see the demo app on the use of R in a Streamlit app

The corresponding GitHub repo is at GitHub - dataprofessor/R-demo: Using R and Python in a Streamlit app

Hope these resources are helpful

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thank you, you guys are very helpful