An R API would be a game changer

Hi a Streamlit team.
You have made an awesome product that I see would have widespread adoption in the R community. Coming from R, I do understand when Strreamlit claims that we can create web apps using pure Pyhton script. Shiny is not as pure R as many like to say For newcomers, it is convoluted. However, R is widely adopted and people have a lot of more confidence in messing around with it. Therefore, it would be great if something like streamlitR entered the game.

Keep the amazing work, guys.

Thank you all!!!

I second this! I know this is very far off, but this would be fantastic!

I use both Python and R extensively, and would love to either be able to use R in Streamlit and/or be able to use them both in the same app, like R magics in Jupyter notebooks.

Welcome to the forums, @Francy and @nchelaru!

This is an awesome idea. As it turns out, Streamlit is based on Google Protobufs, which is a language-agnostic data interchange layer. So architecturally, we’re ready for multi-language support in the future. Unfortunately though, this is “very far off” as you put it @nchelaru. :slight_smile:

(Apologies for the delay getting back. We’ve been a bit overwhelmed keeping up with the forums and are doing our best to try to keep up with everyone! Please do let us know about your use cases for R and Streamlit, and we’d love to bear that in mind as we plan the future of the product.)

No problem, I know you guys are very busy!

Thank you all again for the fantastic work and keep us posted!

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