Can we create an official streamlit discord?

^ it’s much easier to communicate and usually other projects have discord too, community is good and all, but what if I want an easier access on mobile?

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Hello @UmbraVenus (and future readers of this thread)

This is a question that regularly pops out in internal discussions and is somewhere on the roadmap, but we don’t all have extensive experience with Discord, so how about we use your thread to get some advice from the community :slight_smile: ? Anyone using Discord for other Python/non Python libs, feel free to write down your ideas here:

  • How often per week do you communicate on Discord? What type of discussions do you usually have on Discord for other libraries? What kind of channels do you usually join first there?
  • If we were to create one, what do you feel would be the importance of mods on there?
  • What are the features that you like and would benefit from on Discord that is not possible/hard to do here?

Just so you know, Discourse which is the underlying framework for this forum is available on iOS/Android, I use it every now and then as this app embarks a small browser directly connected to your Discourse communities and syncs your answers between mobile and desktop (I actually started writing this answer in the mobile app and was amazed to find my answer ready to continue on desktop). But I do think the Discord app is much smoother :wink:

Have a nice day,
Fanilo :balloon:

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We now have an official Discord server!! :star_struck::balloon: